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Rms Titanic Engines (prt2)

This is a progress vid showing work so far on a model I'm building of the Titanic's main engines. The Engines themselves were massive 4 storey high Reciprocating Steam engines (2 of them side by side). The intent with this project is to end up with a 3D printable model. Which makes progress slow. In addition, I want to make them as accurate as possible so I can produce detail vids of them. As seen here, the bedplates (the large yellow base sections) are complete for the most part (minor additions still to be made), and most of the shaft assembly with Valve gears and Connecting rods in place. The Pistons for the Low Pressure Cylinders have not been added yet.
Modeled in 3DS Max, rendered in Mrmoset Toolbag 3, post in Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro.

Titanic Engines