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Voodoo Vamp Print

Yet another work in progress...maybe someday I'll get something finished :-( ....This is a 3d print of a concept I did ages ago - the concept image is included here - modelled in Max and Mudbox. The print was done in sections - the unattached 3d printed sections are photographed somewhere, I'll add them if I can find them. Speaking of photo's, I'm crap at photography and as I couldn't find my camers, I took these snaps on a phone, so sorry for the dodgy quality. This is the first 3d print I've done, so the paint job isn't as good as I would have liked. The lacework on her dress is real lace, I added it after the model was glued together to add a bit more detail. I've also included some screengrabs of the mudbox version of the sculpt. The dress ,btw, was built in marvelous designer...

Cian o reilly vamp01
Cian o reilly vamp11
Cian o reilly vamp02
Cian o reilly vamp12
Cian o reilly vamp03
Cian o reilly vamp06
Cian o reilly vamp07
Cian o reilly vamp05
Cian o reilly vamp08
Cian o reilly vamp04
Cian o reilly vamp10
Cian o reilly vamp09