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Titanic Wreck, Stern Section (Circa 1986) Machinery Detail 03 - Refrigeration Engines.

Titanic had two large refrigeration engines, located in the reciprocating engine room on her port side. I don't know if either of these engines remain in place - I haven't seen any images of them either in the wreck or in the debris field. If they are still in the engine room, they are covered with the wreckage and collapsed decking that now shrouds the main engines. I was only able to find one image of what I think was a refrigeration engine of the type used by Titanic and her sisters, so as with the turbine engine, this model is somewhat speculative and probably contains errors. I felt that there was no need to build the second engine as it would not be visible...the forwardmost engine is shown here on the raised sub-flooring of the engine room. The engine model is about the size of a pencil sharpener...

Cian o reilly refrigerationenginecomp a
Cian o reilly refrigerationenginecomp b