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Titanic Wreck Stern Section Latest.

This is the latest set of images of the Wreck of the Titanic. In the previous set there were no detailed views of the Starboard side, which suffered massive damage during the descent to the sea floor. Several implosions caused deck collapses and weakened the hull shell plating, much of which would have sheared off as she fell. The result was that the entire starboard hull was exposed to the sea from the well deck forward. As can be seen, I've completed a lot of the corrosion effects.

Cian o reilly starboardfullview

Starboard side overview.

Cian o reilly starboardfullviewddeckplating

Starboard side overview, with d- deck shell plating.

Cian o reilly starboardcloseup 01
Cian o reilly starboardcloseup 03
Cian o reilly starboardcloseup 05
Cian o reilly starboardcloseup 06

Detail view of the Cafe Parisiene area, showing the peeled back boat deck.

Cian o reilly secondclasselevator entrance02

Second Class entrance and elevator housing

Cian o reilly starboardcloseup 02
Cian o reilly forward 01

The forward end of the stern wreck, showing the opening of the turbine engine casing.

Cian o reilly forward 02
Cian o reilly forward 03
Cian o reilly secondclasselevator entrance01