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Titanic Wreck, Stern Section (Circa 1986) Overview

I'm not sure if these images are strictly relevant to this site, but as I've seen some pretty fine 3d prints and clay sculpts I'm gonna chance my arm....This is a model I've been working on for a long time now. She's scratch built from sheets of polystyrene plastic, using enlarged copies of Harland & Wolfe line drawings and a ton of online and book reference and research. The model is of the stern section of the wreck of the RMS Titanic, showing that section of the wreck as she looked when the first manned dives were made by Bob Ballard and his team in 1986. The stern section is a real mess...after the break-up, it sank rapidly and hadn't fully flooded before submersion. As a result she suffered massive implosion damage on the way to the sea floor. When she hit the sea floor, the stern impacted with such force that it was compressed downwards, with decks collapsing one on top of the other and blowing out her shell plating. I'm fairly confident that the model is reasonably accurate - certainly as accurate as I could make it. The images in this post show the model before corrosion had been added - rust effects, rusticles etc. I have made significant progress since these snaps were taken regarding the rusting, but I don't yet have photo's of that stage. She's still a work in progress... By the way...please excuse the crappiness of some of the pics, I'm useless at photography and my camera isn't the best...

Cian o reilly sternwreckportside01

Stern section, Portside from aft 01.

Cian o reilly titanicsternportside aerial

Stern section aerial from forward.

Cian o reilly titanicsternportside aftaerial

stern section portside from aft 02.

Cian o reilly titanicsternportside forward

Stern section aerial from forward 02.

Cian o reilly titanicsternportside poopdeck

Stern section poop deck close-up 01.

Cian o reilly titanicsternportside poopdeck02

Stern section poop deck close-up 02.